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Amar é político

Projects - Lina Lopez - May 31, 2020

Amar é político is an initiative that aims to change social behaviors through culture and arts. The project wants to bring people together for a fair world, that responds to each community’s needs. 


Discover the potential that each individual has to build a more equal society.

Show the importance of culture and arts to create opportunities in communities. 

Share values of respect for diversity, women’s rights, nature, and race, through arts and culture

Global Shapers 

Amar é político was created in cooperation with the Global Shapers of São Paulo. 

The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action, and change founded by the World Economic Forum. 

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Just Me Project

Projects - Lina Lopez - May 18, 2020

The Just Me Project is an initiative that aims to change the conversation about the female body. The project wants to support girls and women in their path towards the development their potential. It delivers content and campaigns to create awareness about the female body, learn how to love it, and take away the focus from body image. 

The Target 

Girls, women, and society. This project wants to involve all people who are willing to create a new narrative about body positivity, where the body can be understood as a vehicle to make our dreams come true. 


Raise awareness for girls and women about the importance of confidence while living in their own bodies, regardless of physical appearance. 

Increase positive conversations about the capacities of the female body: its sexuality, agility, physical development, etc. 

Change the conversation about the female body. It’s not just about the body image, it’s about the potential of female bodies and their fundamental rights. 

Why the Just Me Project?

The Just Me Project was created as an alternative to many projects that focus on body image. This project wants to explore the full capacity of female bodies and women. The body as a vehicle of dreams, and all it has to give to society. 

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Yellow Project

Projects - Lina Lopez - May 18, 2020

The Yellow project is an initiative that gives tools to girls, so they can positively relate with their bodies, and help them overcome social beauty standards. This will consequently raise their self-esteem, and improve their relationship with themselves. The Project delivers educational tools to develop body confidence and self-esteem. . 

The Target 

The target for this program is girls aged 10 to 18. When delivered in a classroom or youth group setting, boys may also be part of the group; however, they are not the primary target. 


Raise awareness of the factors affecting body confidence.

Give tools to the girls to manage beauty and appearance pressure. 

Guide the girls in the process to develop self-awareness of their bodies. 

Open self-esteem conversations. 


The Yellow project has created a series of workshops where girls can go through a “help box” where they will find articles, activities, and games. The purpose of the box is to provide tools to the girls, (Also, tutors and parents) to develop a positive relationship with their bodies, reflect and understand beauty pressures, and be more aware of the relationship they have with their bodies.

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